Receive encrypted PGP mail notifications with Gravity Forms

Easy and reliable. Make your website safer.
From $199 - Instant Download

Let your visitors send you PGP encrypted messages very easily.


No setup for them. The contact form will offer encryption for sending you confidential messages.

Works with any website with WordPress and Gravity Forms.



PGP is one of the most advanced and reliable solution for encryption.



Choose which forms to be encrypted on your website. Easy setup.



Use several public PGP keys to send notifications to different recipients.



Our support teams bring expert,
flexible, ever-learning staff.

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“Simply the BEST SUPPORT I’ve ever experienced from a software company!
With the need for secure form transmission, wp2pgpmail is the perfect solution for encrypted mail through WordPress. Easy to install, quick to implement, painless to administrate. It is the answer to what SHOULD have been done with form mail in WordPress since the beginning! THANK YOU WP2PGPMAIL!”

Timothy G.

Senior Executive Producer, GrafWeb Internet Media Studios – New York, NY, USA

“An immediate answer from the Support Team, with the right tip to fix my problem! Thanks so much for your quick response, I really appreciate that level of attention and support.

Rebecca C.

Web Designer and Developer – New York, NY, USA

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